Will MP45 Program Work?

As a Personal Trainer and a Client-Oriented Fitness Coach, I like to experiment different fitness programs so as to recommend what’s best for my clients. Every individual is different therefore purchasing a generic fitness plan online without much knowledge and guidance is going to be challenging. Unfortunately, this plan is not for beginners in my opinion. Beginners I define individuals completely new to fitness most especially to gym equipment. Why? Because this is a gym-based program, not an at-home workout plan. This plan is great for individuals who are traditional gym-goers and also for those who do not have a plan or real focus but just hitting from machine to machine. I confess that I have not finished the whole 45 day plan but have sampled it for 14 days. And, so far I am starting to see results progressively even though I do not follow the nutrition plan entirely.

MP45 is a complete fitness solution that combines workouts, nutrition and education for as low as US$97. It transforms individuals who are willing to commit and focus. Results are literally guaranteed and there is no doubt about it. However, you are required to be consistent with training and nutrition. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, the nutrition plan is not for you. MP45 does not cater to vegetarians and vegans but you may definitely substitute the nutrition bit with your current diet plan. You should know what your macro-nutrients are if you are seriously looking into transformation. This program aids in fat loss and muscle hypertrophy which the latter simply means growth in size of skeletal muscle through a growth in size of its component cells. In layman’s terms, it just means muscle mass building. Understanding HOW science works behind building muscle is important, however, I am not going into that today.

The good thing about MP45 is that it focuses on the principle of High Intensity Stimulation Training (H.I.S.T.). It combines a power lifter’s workout with a sprinter’s workout and replicates a modification of each workout as one if that makes sense. What it really means is that by the end of this program you will acquire the explosiveness and speed of a sprinter and the power and strength of a power lifter. You will not build bulky muscles unless you chose to increase the volume of repetitions and weight capacity. And, of course increase the intake of your food. Fortunately, this program is not about that. It is not a 45-day plan to become a bodybuilder. This workout aims to provide awe-inspiring results in the shortest period of time in building strength and power.

Guys, if you are looking for a ripped body in the shortest time possible, this is for you.

Ladies, if you are looking to transform your not-so-ideal body to an ideal body (you should know) in the shortest time possible, this is for you. This program has workouts and exercises that torches your fats and builds lean muscle mass fuelled by a very decent nutrition plan. The meals are quite well thought through. Most importantly, they provide the required nutrients, complex carbohydrates, proteins and fibre to burn fat, build and recover worked muscles after a hard day of training.

MP45 program comprises of 6 phases which is a gradual approach to progression. It is quite a well thought program that explains the purpose and objectives of each phase. With the WHY, HOW and WHAT, the program literally holds your hands with every step of the way. As the program gradually builds as it goes on, the workouts get harder as you get stronger. I must admit that the weight training bit was tough for me. I am pretty much a cardio person and love compound exercises like squat jumps, push ups, sprints and rowing as HIIT (high intensity interval training) is my specialty and is what I coach. However, if mixing in cardio with weight training, it gets tough and really tiring!

MP45 is easily accessible across your tablet, smart phone, laptop and computer. You just purchase, download and use. You could print it out and just carry the designated page according to the day with you to the gym not the entire ebook please! If you were to print it, just do it on double pages.

To beginners and those who are looking to get a refresher course on weight training and cardio, look no further as a full video library of all the workouts would be available latest by end of June.

As the plan progresses, the workouts get tougher and you will either breakdown or persevere till the end. However, this will challenge you to strengthen your mind set by focusing on your goals. If you are goal-oriented with a strong focus and commitment, you will be able to manifest the ideal body you desire. Even if you are not goal-oriented, that is ok. MP45 program will still keep you in check.

Be mentally prepared. Be committed to follow through. Be excited to see awe-inspiring results on your body. Be ripped. Be Beach Ready. Be functionally strong.


If you are serious about getting real results, get a copy of MP45 right now! Wait no more! You won’t regret your choice of investment.





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