A New Kid On The Block – Taba-Yoga HIIT??

Taba-Yoga seems to be the latest craze that has hit Singapore recently.

Keeping It Real & Healthy…….FOR LIFE

Here are my top 10 ways I reckon to make your 2015 healthiest year ever! It is already approaching February.

Is Jogging A Waste Of Time? Yes it is!

(No offence to any jogger out there) I’ve become more and more convinced that shorter intense workouts are better than longer easy workouts and that exercises like jogging or leisurely riding bikes are totally ineffective if you want to lose weight.

What Is HIIT?

HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training is a scientifically proven blubber-burning program! It is also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or Sprint Interval Training (SIT), an enhanced form of interval training strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.

What Is Paleo Diet & Why?

Let's define Paleo. According to Wiki, Paleo comes from the word Palaeolithic.

Fat-loss HIIT That You Can Try At Home

You don’t need to be at a gym to do this workout.

How I Overcame The Fear of Box Jumping

At 5’7” tall, you might think that I would not be scared of a 20″ box jump but you are wrong.


Eat Smarter + Exercise Smarter + Think Smarter   Let's define good nutrition.