Are You Getting Enough Nutrients?

Are you getting enough nutrients in your daily meals? Firstly, let us define nutrients, shall we? They are broken in two categories; macronutrients and micronutrients.

Top 5 Tips for Beginners Who Are Starting Out On A Fitness Plan

  Ask yourself WHY – Why do you need a fitness plan? What are you accomplishing? Most importantly, are you ready for a change? If you can’t answer any of the above questions, you are simply not ready so forget about starting on a fitness plan.


Resistance bands resemble long and stretchy jump ropes. They are usually made of rubber or a similar material that provides enough strength while still stretching with the user's movements.

Will Weight-lifting make ladies buff?

"No weight training in my program please! I don't want to get buff!" exclaimed one of my female clients.

Is it worth shopping at Little Farms Singapore?

“Here is a bag for you, Karen. Fill it up with whatever you like! It’s on the house.

Will MP45 Program Work?

As a Personal Trainer and a Client-Oriented Fitness Coach, I like to experiment different fitness programs so as to recommend what’s best for my clients.

Spartan Sprint

NICOLL HIGHWAY SINGAPORE SPARTAN SPRINT REVIEW November 15 2015   I was totally intrigued by the Spartan commercial video when it was firstly being introduced in Singapore.

A New Kid On The Block – Taba-Yoga HIIT??

Taba-Yoga seems to be the latest craze that has hit Singapore recently.

Keeping It Real & Healthy…….FOR LIFE

Here are my top 10 ways I reckon to make your 2015 healthiest year ever! It is already approaching February.

Is Jogging A Waste Of Time? Yes it is!

(No offence to any jogger out there) I’ve become more and more convinced that shorter intense workouts are better than longer easy workouts and that exercises like jogging or leisurely riding bikes are totally ineffective if you want to lose weight.