“Karen has been relentless at pursuing her passion, and this same attitude translates to a deep commitment in her clients’ health, strength, flexibility and wellbeing. Her concern is pervasive, and over the past 6 months I have gained so much strength with pulses of hard but sensible workouts, very different to how I would have… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Dr Cheryl Kam Rossiter
Functional Medicine Family Physician

“I started training with Karen Lee almost a year back. I heard about her from 2 really good friends and I’m glad I took their advice seriously! She brings a great mix of exercises ranging from kick boxing, yoga, pilates, Nutritionist, cardiovascular intense, anaerobic and stability focused along with flexibility to name a few. I… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”


“Karen trained me between December to July. PT offered me the flexibility that I needed and Karen was good with that. She was able to train me during lunch hour at my office building’s sky garden, or at somewhere near my home early in the morning or after work. I marvelled at her energy level… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Choo Teo
Personal Assistant @ Commonwealth Bank

“I’ve been training with Karen for about 12 months and she is an amazing personal trainer. I was recommended to her by a couple of her clients who got great results. What I loved about training with Karen was her absolute commitment to making each session interesting, and different. When other things in my life… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

APAC HR Director for GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)

“I am pleased and impressed that Karen combined a variety of training techniques in our workouts: HIIt, Body Weight Resistance, Gym Stick Pilates and etc. It makes for interesting and effective workouts. Karen is also always punctual and very encouraging – qualities which I really appreciate in a Personal Trainer.”

Criminal Lawyer

“Karen is a amazing trainer . She keeps things fresh and exciting . Working different groups of muscle and custom fit to my body type , ability and fitness level . Each work out leaves me energize , feeling strong and motivated . She believes in making fitness as part of our lifestyle and not… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Senior Financial Consultant

“I’ve avoided fitness classes for most of my adult life, but I decided to give Karen Lee Fitness’ HiiT class a go after seeing it on the Singapore Slim Fb page. From that very first class Karen has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. For someone with limited faith in her fitness ability like me… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Kelly Nash
Author of CultureShock! Singapore

“Karen Lee’s HIIT/Aqua class at D’leedon on Thursdays at 10:30am is really great. After several sessions, this hour long “butt-kicker” has made me feel so much stronger. I have signed up for a 10-week plan and cannot wait to see the transformation. She’s also very knowledgable in enhancing overall wellness and I appreciate her as… Read more “Author of CultureShock! Singapore”

Kristen Green
Active Homemaker

“When my son turned 15, he asked for a set of weights for his birthday. Realising that he was finally taking an interest in his health, I wanted to set him up for success by engaging a personal trainer to teach him proper techniques. I’ve known Karen for about five years now, and she is… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Gina Romero
MD of Athena Executive Lifestyle

“Karen takes personal training to another level – her personal commitment to the ‘new me’ is very refreshing. She is 200% behind me and even though I’ve been training with Karen for only 2 months, she is totally invested in my journey as I embark on a lifestyle change of eating clean and excersing right.… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Cindi Thomas
Working Mom

“Karen is a fantastic personal trainer. She helped me to look at fitness holistically, not just focusing on exercise and losing weight (which IS important) but also on making the right food and lifestyle choices so that you look and feel better overall. I am not an exercise person but Karen is very motivating, and… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Part-Time Consultant & Mom

“Karen is a very holistic trainer. She was not only concerned with my fitness goals, but also my personal ones. I really appreciated that she took the time to get to know me before starting our exercise program. Once we did start, she varied the sessions every week, keeping it interesting and challenging. There was… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Active Homemaker

“Before starting to train with Karen Lee I always thought, I’ll start tomorrow! Karen has been the most amazing motivator to work hard and eat clean. She mixes up every single session and ensures that not two workouts are the same. While training, if we identify an area that needs improvement, she always has a… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Active Mompreneur

“I look forward to training with Karen every week. She highlights the gains made in personal fitness, and coaxes you on to achieve a little more every time. Karen is obviously super fit, and an excellent motivator to people of every fitness level. She uses her knowledge and experience to create diverse sessions, while explaining… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”


“I hated exercising and was intimidated whenever I set foot into the gym. Seeing muscly gays performing their heavy lifting and groaning at the same time just annoyed the hell out of me! And, I was chubby so whenever I did a workout, both men and women would stop their workout and look at me… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Hair Stylist

“I found meal logging really useful when I started my 12 wk Programme as it helped correct my bad habits. It also helped discipline me and I felt guilty if I made the wrong choice but good when I made the right choice. Now I’ve been doing it for over 12 weeks I have changed… Read more “What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness”

Annette Blunden
Managing Director