Are You Getting Enough Nutrients?

Are you getting enough nutrients in your daily meals? Firstly, let us define nutrients, shall we? They are broken in two categories; macronutrients...

Top 5 Tips for Beginners Who Are Starting Out On A Fitness Plan

  Ask yourself WHY – Why do you need a fitness plan? What are you accomplishing? Most importantly, are you ready for...


Resistance bands resemble long and stretchy jump ropes. They are usually made of rubber or a similar material that provides enough strength while still...

Will Weight-lifting make ladies buff?

"No weight training in my program please! I don't want to get buff!" exclaimed one of my female clients.

Is it worth shopping at Little Farms Singapore?

“Here is a bag for you, Karen. Fill it up with whatever you like! It’s on the house.

Will MP45 Program Work?

As a Personal Trainer and a Client-Oriented Fitness Coach, I like to experiment different fitness programs so as to recommend what’s best for my clients.

Spartan Sprint

NICOLL HIGHWAY SINGAPORE SPARTAN SPRINT REVIEW November 15 2015   I was totally intrigued by...

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Taba-Yoga seems to be the latest craze that has hit Singapore recently.

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(No offence to any jogger out there) I’ve become more and more convinced that shorter intense workouts are better than longer easy...

How I Overcame The Fear of Box Jumping

At 5’7” tall, you might think that I would not be scared of a 20″ box jump but you are wrong.

A wake up call to get in shape

  What does surrender, fitness and new beginnings have in common? Introducing Karen Lee, a personal fitness trainer who went from...