Is it worth shopping at Little Farms Singapore?

“Here is a bag for you, Karen. Fill it up with whatever you like! It’s on the house.” Lamented Nick, a tall and lanky American dude who’s the Chief Marketing Officer of Little Farms. “Wow what an invitation! Thanks Nick!” I squealed like an excited little girl.

Little Farms is a gourmet grocer with great fresh produce and organic products that are well priced. It stocks everything from organic to farm fresh produce. I love fresh produce and foods that are on the go. It stocks a great range of nuts, granola bars, protein bars, and even juices.

As a mobile Personal Trainer, I am pressed for time hence having high-quality foods on-the-go is very handy. I particularly love the SOMA bar. It’s packed with goji and chia seeds; and just wholesome for my taste.

You could even choose from a wide selection of juices. Gold Rush from the Juice Syndicate has become my favourite.

I am gluten intolerant but if you are not, check out the rice, quinoa and dairy sections. They have a wide assortment of rice and quinoa as well as dairy products. The “Very High Cottage Cheese” product caught my attention. It says that it is an ingredient for weight loss programs or muscle building. I have started to use it as a post-workout protein and it has been effective in lean muscle mass development. Fortunately, I am not getting any breakout from taking the cottage cheese due to my gluten intolerance.

My mom has been using the Sunflower oil for decades and research has shown that such type of oil is deadly to our health due to high in Trans fats. In fact, studies has shown that all vegetable oils along with refined sugars and refined wheat are key players in the epidemics of chronic, Western diseases, which are currently the biggest health problems in the world. Now, that’s another story to tell. Sorry for the digression! The minute I saw the Extra Virgin Coconut oil I had to get it and I did. In fact, coconut oil has many health benefits and it is not just pertaining to consumption. You could use it for hair and skin. Coconut oil is very useful for fat loss (not that I need to lose any more weight), however, it would be great for my parents. My mom has stubborn abdominal fats and indigestion issues therefore consuming coconut oil will do her good. My dad only has stubborn abdominal obesity and he exercises at least three times a week. My mom has started cooking with the coconut oil and food is tasting a lot better. Here are a couple of pictures.

Little Farms is parked right opposite NTUC Fairprice and in terms of pricing, it’s not very far off but you are bound to get high quality produce and products. Get your household items from NTUC and get your food items from Little Farms. You can’t go wrong!


Thumbs UP!


Little Farms

Valley Point Shopping Centre (opposite Fair Price Finest)

491 River Valley Road #01-20

Singapore 248371

7.30am-9.30pm Daily

Eat Smarter!



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