Top 5 Tips for Beginners Who Are Starting Out On A Fitness Plan


  1. Ask yourself WHY – Why do you need a fitness plan? What are you accomplishing? Most importantly, are you ready for a change? If you can’t answer any of the above questions, you are simply not ready so forget about starting on a fitness plan.


  1. Desire – Say you are ready for a change or transformation. Understand the real meaning of the words. Say it and regurgitate. Many clients whom I spoke with had no idea what it takes to have a change let alone a transformation. They have become buzzwords in the fitness industry that everyone just wants to follow suit. “I dunno I just want to change” “Ok but change what?” I asked. They would just stare at me blankly. “Do you know what it takes for a change to happen?” “What is your desire to change?” “Are you ready to give up your favourite “Laksa or Char Kway Teow for a while until you pick up the habits of clean eating?” If the answer comes with the slightest hesitation, you have no desire. Desire is feeling the burn in your tummy to succeed. You want it so badly that you will do anything to make it happen. That is my definition of desire. So, what’s yours?


  1. Make fitness a habit – Once you have answered your WHY and sort of having the desire, it’s time to start out a fitness plan that is achievable and measurable. Exercising once a week is not effective. Get into the habit of exercising 3 to 4 times a week. Experts say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Once there is consistency, it will bother you should you miss a workout. This is when you will start seeing changes and feeling changes not just to your body but to your mind.


  1. Establish the Mind Muscle Connection – Our movements are controlled by our brain. It is important to achieve the connection between both and with Science behind it, the mind-muscle connection is certainly something you should be thinking about if your goal is maximum results from your workouts. Most importantly, be aware of which muscles you are activating when doing the exercises. Do not just perform the exercises blindly. Squeeze or contract the muscles at the top of every movement. Feel your muscles so don’t just count the repetitions.


  1. Range of Motion – Finish every repetition. Perform a mixture of isometric and compound movements for optimal results. Focus on the lift (concentric) and the lowering (eccentric) of the lift slowly and with control. Many beginners focus too much on the lift and forget about the lowering part. They let the weight drop quickly and without control. I see this disastrous behaviour all the time in the gym. I wonder what they are actually doing. You want your muscles to be strong throughout the entire range of motion, and not just the first half of the lift. If you can’t lower the weight properly, lighten the load immediately until you can control it on the way down again. Do not be egoistical!


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