FEATURED: Jeanette


“I hated exercising and was intimidated whenever I set foot into the gym. Seeing muscly gays performing their heavy lifting and groaning at the same time just annoyed the hell out of me! And, I was chubby so whenever I did a workout, both men and women would stop their workout and look at me or they would talk about me. I may be sensitive but the gym atmosphere just wasn’t welcoming. I came across Karen’s website from Facebook and decided to contact her. She was very detailed in explaining her style, services and most importantly, how she was going to transform me. Initially, I was skeptical. As time progressed, I realized she was not only patient, thoughtful and truly care for my well being. She provided me with a well-customized exercise and meal plan which I needed to follow but I didn’t have to feel guilty if I didn’t abide to it. I became stronger and stamina level increased so I got more and more confident. The level of training has also increased. The best thing about Karenlee.fitness services is that her style and routine are never boring. She made it so fun. Most importantly, she knows what she is doing and her knowledge in training and nutrition is impeccable. I highly recommend her services!”

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