What Clients Say about Karenlee.Fitness

“I’ve been training with Karen for about 12 months and she is an amazing personal trainer. I was recommended to her by a couple of her clients who got great results. What I loved about training with Karen was her absolute commitment to making each session interesting, and different. When other things in my life tried to get me off track – Karen was never critical or judge mental – just always there encouraging me and getting me back on track. She has great passion for what she does and has such a huge variety of activities that I never got bored – HIIT, boxing, Pilates type, core using fitness balls and Bosu. At the end of every session I felt like I’d conquered the world. A great trainer who is genuinely committed to your health and well being – adapting to your needs – always there to help. What made it so easy was that she came to my condo at times that were good for me. Highly recommended and I highly appreciated her tenacity and passion for my health- flexing and adapting each session to suit .”