HIIT Sweat & Tone Personal Coaching

A comprehensive 12-week program that is customized specifically for YOU to have a body that you could never have expected and a sustainable healthy lifestyle!

In this program, you will be coached on how to shred your body fats, how to eat clean and how to maintain the healthy lifestyle after the program through Karen Lee Fitness’s SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Technique) framework.

– Your confidence in yourself will increase

– You will love yourself more

– Your self-worth value will be more valuable

– Your energy level will be renewed

– Your relationship with your partner will be improved

So what encompasses such a life long success?


3 Components –

S- Solution: Assess the client’s current lifestyle situation and limiting factors to success. Develop a customized fitness routine and a nutritional plan that revolves a holistic approach (starting with the mindset)

F- Focused: 12-week plan that emphasizes on consistency, commitment and perseverance

B-Brief: Short and impactful workout that incorporates functional movement, cardio, resistance training and pilates. 40 minutes in total (5 minutes warm up + 30 minutes cardio + 5 minutes warm down)

T- Technique: Mindset approach. Knowing what your objective is and how driven are you to wanting a CHANGE is very critical. You may either make or break during the program if you are not mentally ready for a change. Once you have mentally decided to make the change, your body will obey and follow suit. Be clear at what you want from the start will allow you to be consistent, focus and disciplined throughout your journey. After all, you have only 1 body, 1 health and 1 life.


In every coaching session, we measure progress against program goals, roadmap and action accountabilities from the previous session,.

The coaching engagement typically includes two one-hour meeting in person twice a week and occasional phone check-ins as necessary.

Compliance is ensued between Coach and Client to ensure that the latter is committed to finish the 12-week program.