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Annette discovered Karenlee.Fitness service on a closed “Real Expat Wives” Facebook group a year ago. Before she hired me, she was clueless about wellness and loved to indulge in cans of coke on almost a weekly basis for months. Nothing wrong with indulgence but indulging in bad eating was just not healthy. After 3 months of personal training, this is what she said:

“I found meal logging really useful when I started my 12 wk Programme as it helped correct my bad habits. It also helped discipline me and I felt guilty if I made the wrong choice but good when I made the right choice. Now I’ve been doing it for over 12 weeks I have changed my habits. I don’t have bread ever during the week, I stopped drinking Coke, I cut out most refined sugar products. I eat more veg and protein and don’t eat white rice, pasta. However, I don’t punish myself and enjoy the weekend and the odd work lunch out. So I will have a burger or a cake when out or wine. Since my start with Karen I’ve lost over 10kg. Lost a ton of cm around my waist, arms, hips. Reduced my % body fat. Feel the fittest I’ve ever been and back to my weight pre 2 babies. And I’m 41. I work full time, Long hours, entertain clients on dinners out, 2 toddlers and I still fit it in. It’s worth it”.



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